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Since 2020, the Department of Census and Statistics has been implementing new and innovative strategies to better engage with the general public through better visual design, a consistent organisational image and advanced data visualisation techniques. This new training course intends to familiarise DCS staff members with principles of design and data visualisation.


This is a two tiered course, delivered primarily through DCS’s VLE, with tier one comprising of design and brand image, and design two comprising of data visualisation and data driven design; both tiers are intended to provide the staff with a multidisciplinary skillset to better communicate with data users.

For whom?

While the course is open to all DCS staff, staff members with previous experience in desktop publishing and graphic design and/or basics of programming will benefit the most. Computer literacy and a good working knowledge of English is a must, since the course will be delivered primarily in English.

How long?

The approximate course delivery period is 3-4 weeks, with 2 weeks of in person sessions, and 2 weeks of self study and assignments. Tier 1 and Tier 2 can be completed separately, or the attendee may chose to take either Tier 1 or Tier 2 only, depending on their preference/ skill level. A certificate will be offered for both levels and an additional certificate of accomplishment to those who finish both.

How much effort?

The course involves practical exercises as well as online questionnaires, and attendees are expected to self study and research topics in their own time to get a better grasp of the concepts discussed in the study guide.


Courses will start towards the end of the 1st week of September, 2022- exact dates are subject to announcement.

The following exercise will assess the learning outcomes of the Communicative Data Visualisation Course (Tears 1 and 2) for your final certification. 

  • Final Submission is due on 4.00PM, Tuesday the 27th of December 2022 
  • The exercise should be forwarded to dcsdvteam@gmail.com with the following email heading    


  • Make sure to attach all files in the email and make sure to include your Full Name, Telephone Number, and Division in the email body 


1. Introduction to Chart.js, basic charts and web documents.
2. Using DCS stylesheets with Chart.js
3. Creating your first digital data note

This course will introduce the cohort to communicative data visualisation theory, practices and examples. 

  1. 2.1.  Presenting data in the digital age, examples and practices

  2. 2.2.  Design principles in data visualisation

  3. 2.3.  Visualising data with The Microsoft Excel Data

    Visualisation toolkit for DCS.

  4. 2.4.  Infographic design, examples and practices

(Two Exercises)

Introduction to Design 

This course is expected to acquaint DCS’s statistical officers with basic precepts of design, brand image, and the use of appropriate colours and layouts to create attractive, clear and efficient reports, publications and bulletins for both print and web. 

This ties in with the DCS's ongoing efforts to develop its communication and data visualisation capacities. The introduction to design course consists of the following sessions.

1.1. Course Orientation

1.2. Understanding Colours, Layouts and Presentation.

1.3. Basic Colour Theory

1.4. Introduction to basic principles of layout design

1.5. DCS’s design guidelines, introduction to colours and layouts

1.6. Introduction to Nidahas

Follow this link for Nidahas : http://docs.nso.gov.lk/nidahas or https://vajiragayan.site/nidahas

The course comprises for two practical sessions and is evaluated with a single deliverable excercise 

For 2022, September round, the course is conducted by Data Visualisation Consultant, Vajira Gayan Sooriyaarachchi (vsvajira@gmail.com) (Kindly Contact via DCS training division)