.... About US ....

The Training Divisions is one of the sixteen divisions currently functional at the Department of Census and Statistics. It is the Division which has the primary responsibility of training and developing the employees of the Department. The Division currently has strength of 14 employees, while it obtains the services of a variety of experienced resource personnel for its training programmes from within the DCS and other reputed organizations. The Training Division is functioning at the 10th Floor of the Department's new building in the Battaramulla.

.... Mission of the Training Division ....

The Training Division of the Department of Census and Statistics strives to offer enrichment and to develop statistical competencies through both curricular and extracurricular offerings, to nurture the development of a world-class statistical professional. Training Division will endeavor to enhance the competencies of the employees of the Department of Census and Statistics, enabling them to contribute in a highly productive nature to the Department and the Nation by way of the trainings offered to them. While nurturing the internal human resource the Division will take the pleasure of contributing to the development of the statistical human resource nationally and regionally.

The main functions currently carried out by the Training Division include.

  • Conducting short, and medium term in-house ( In-service) training programmes.

  • Conducting induction training for the new recruits to the DCS.

  • Selecting suitable employees for the local external programmes and coordination.

  • Monitoring progress of trainees and obtaining feed back.

  • Obtaining feedback reports from the employees attended foreign training programmes.

  • Coordinating with the resource personnel, maintaining a database of them and utilizing them whenever necessary.

  • Conducting Efficiency Bar Examinations including, curriculum setting, paper setting, evaluation, processing of results and coordinating the exams.

  • Coordinating and monitoring outside students directed to the DCS by the universities and vocational training institutions for internships/industrial training.

  • Conducting training programmes for external organizations upon their request or provision of internal resource personnel of the Department for such purposes.

  • Preparation of the annual training calendar, inviting for applications, processing applications and selecting employees for the said trainings.

  • Coordinating and facilitating training programmes conducted by international organizations.

  • Any other activity related to training and development assigned time to time to the division by the Director General of Census and Statistics.

The division currently has two classrooms which can accommodate approximately 20-35 participants at a time, and a high tech computer laboratory installed with the latest statistics analytical packages which could accommodate 20 participates at a time.